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LG Incite CT810 - News

LG Incite CT810 Is a Good Smartphone
lg-ct810-incite LG Incite CT810 is the first LG's smartphone that has been offered in the USA. It is available from AT&T at a price of $199.99 with a contract for 2 years. The size of the Incite compiles 4.21 inches long by 2.2 inches wide by 0.55 inch

AT&T Launches LG CT810 Incite Windows Mobile Device
AT&T has surreptitiously launched the Incite Windows Mobile based LG smart device online with little fanfare. As we previously reported, the Incite features a 3 inch WQVGA resolution touch display as found on the lower spec Vu, Windows Mobile 6.1

Review: LG Incite
If you're hankering for a piece of Windows Mobile pie, and happen to be a fan of mobile phones from LG, the Incite should get your juices flowing. It is one of LG's first smartphones to hit U.S. shores, and brings with it a bevy of enticing features

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최고 혁신상에 선정된 데어(Dare, LG-VX9700)과 북미 시장에 처음 선보이는 두번째 프라다(PRADA, LG-KF900) 등 전면 터치스크린폰을 비롯, 800만 화소 카메라폰 르누아르 (Renoir, LG-KC910), 스마트 폰 인사이트(INCITE, LG-CT810) 등 최첨단 휴대폰을 북미